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Your Hearing Is Precious - Protect It

Music is one of the great pleasures of hearing.  However, your hearing may be damaged by prolonged exposure to music even at levels equal to that of an electric shaver.  You can prevent this type of damage by using your music player and enjoying concerts wisely.  Here are five tips for protecting your hearing:

Lower the volume   

You should be able to hear someone approaching you with your head sets on.

Limit your listening time   

The impact on hearing increases with the duration of exposure.

Take breaks   

Give your ears a chance to rest between listening sessions.

Use noise-canceling or noise-isolation headphones   

Quality noise-canceling headphones block other noise to allow listening at lower levels

Use earplugs at concerts   

Earplugs do not entirely block out the music, so you can still enjoy concerts without exposing your ears to harmful sound levels.


The Hearing and Speech Center of Northern California can help you protect your hearing with custom earbuds and earplugs.  Visit



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