what if widgets wants to give back...

what if widgets was founded by the belief that a company is not just a tool for making money, but rather a company can be a thriving part of a community.  and, a company with those values can impact many people's lives, whether they be customers, employees, partners, or even unknowing members of the community.

what if widgets strives to be that company, and one of the ways we have chosen to give back to the community is by selecting a specific cause that each product will support with a percentage of its sales.  our first product, earbud JACK, will support efforts to combat and raise awareness of hearing loss by donating 5% of its sales to research and service organizations.  a list of these organizations follows:


The American Hearing Research Foundation has been sponsoring research into hearing disorders for more than 50 years at universities and hospitals throughout the United States and Canada. It has sponsored more than 160 researchers looking into the causes and cures for hearing loss and deafness, and continues to give five to ten $20,000 grants each year.  To learn more, visit www.american-hearing.org.


The Hearing and Speech Center of Northern California strives to enable individuals of all ages and backgrounds who are hard-of-hearing or deaf or who have speech/language disorders to participate fully in their families, schools, workplaces, and communities.

The Hearing and Speech Centerís compassionate professionals provide a variety of services to approximately 10,000 people every year, regardless of their ability to pay. These services include: audiology, speech pathology, individual counseling, family support, a school for young children with hearing loss, and afterschool programs for children and youth with hearing loss. To learn more, visit www.hearingspeech.org.

For a list of tips to protect your hearing while listening to music, check out JACK's safe hearing page.